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From Fresh Plants to Fresh Products

 Fresh, not dried!

Alfred Vogel came to the conclusion early on that extracts from freshly harvested plants had a better, ‘wider and deeper’ effect than the standard extracts from dried plants. This discovery proved to be an enormously important motivation for his entire life, for his work as a naturopath, for his research into medicinal plants, for his recipes and for the best possible methods of production.

The fresh plants were organically cultivated, harvested or gathered at the optimum time and above all, prepared with great speed. Alfred Vogel and his co-workers carried out numerous tests to determine which plants best developed the entire spectrum of active ingredients. They discovered what, if any, were the differences in quality between plants grown in the lowlands and those grown on high ground. The aim was always to offer the best quality fresh plant preparations possible.

Alfred Vogel imposed standards with these demands for quality that are nowadays consistently implemented. What’s more, with an ever-increasing knowledge about the environment as well as questions about climate change and the importance of sustainability, A.Vogel has succeeded today, with modern methods, in lending even stronger support to Alfred Vogel’s philosophy.

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