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Videos about Alfred Vogel and the A.Vogel brand

The vidoe selection in our Media Library are promotional, and discuss the philosophy of the A.Vogel brand.

Also included in our library, are films of Alfred Vogel expressing his thoughts on the benefits of nature and how to stay healthy. These original films date back to the 1970s, and focus on Alfred Vogel, the pioneer of natural health, sharing his thoughts on health issues that people face and why, and how to combat them. Alfre is also shown skiing and hiking at the age of 74.

Alfred Vogel was also an exceptionally gifted and inspiring speaker

Alfred Vogel often spoke, effortlessly, for two to three hours, sharing his fascinating experiences, and striking examples and accounts from his personal worldwide travels, and his research of a variety of health conditions and remedies for them. These events were often attended by as many as 1,000 people. (This part is only available in German)

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    About A.Vogel

    A short video showing what the A.Vogel health brand stands for.

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    A.Vogel’s Guide to a Healthy and Happy Life

    Animated video on good health and personal harmony.

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    Back to Nature

    Alfred Vogel delivering a speech (begins in English, then ends in German).

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    Alfred Vogel Skiing

    Alfred Vogel loved nature and was a passionate skier.

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    Alfred Vogel Hiking

    Even at a grand old age, Alfred Vogel would go on dare-devil climbing expeditions.

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