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All About Allergies

by A. Vogel USA, on 10 April 2016, Allergies
All About Allergies

A.Vogel, a Natural Solution for Allergies

Until about 100 years ago an allergy was something out of the ordinary. Today, allergic reactions to a number of substances, i.e., a variety of pollens, mold, dust and dust mites, animal dander, and the environment, have become commonplace and can cause any number of unpleasant reactions. 

What is an allergy?

When speaking of an allergy, we mean a changed or unusual defensive reaction against some known, or unknown, substance. An allergic disposition can be hereditary or acquired and we can get an allergy at any time in life, even as a bottle-fed baby.

An allergic reaction to a substance can happen within seconds or over a period of up to 72 hours, appearing in many different forms such as swollen eye lids, watery and itchy eyes, sneezing and congestion, just to name a few.

Hay fever is another well-known allergy.

Hay fever due to an allergy to a certain kind of pollen can be very unpleasant and may cause symptoms such as sneezing and swollen, and puffy eyes.

Clinical Studies Show an 88% Success Rate

Clinical studies show that A.Vogel Allergy Relief Tablets and Liquid show a high success rate of 88% over other natural products. Allergy Relief Tablets and Liquid can be taken a month before the hay fever season just as it can be taken a month before going on a holiday, where you know you will be facing known allergens and a possible change of diet.

Note: these natural solutions do not apply to severe allergies such as food allergies that cause anaphylactic shock. Your doctor should deal with fatal allergic reactions. Those with severe allergic responses should consult a physician specializing in allergy.

Did you know?

  • A clean home prevents fewer allergens to lurk about. Vacuum upholstered furniture to rid your home of unwanted dust and pet dander, and wash draperies, shades, and floors often.
  • Bathing and cleaning your pet helps keep allergens away.

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