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Create a Bee-friendly Garden!

by A. Vogel USA, on 18 May 2017, Allergies, Lifestyle
Create a Bee-Friendly Garden!

Some people think nature is “out there,” in a national park or other designated wilderness area. But bees, our most important pollinators, love to live in urban settings where there are short flight paths, and a variety of different plants and flowers to sample. In fact, bees are more likely to thrive in your backyard, community or patio garden, and on mixed farms than on acres devoted to single crops.

We’ve all heard about the mysterious global disappearance of honeybees. Other bee species are also declining, mainly because of habitat loss. You can make a big difference just by creating a bee-friendly space in your garden. (And it’s not hard — bees are easy to please!) Continue reading >

Sneeze-free Gardening Made Easy

by A. Vogel USA, on 17 May 2017, Allergies

Hay fever can take all the fun out of gardening.

If hay fever symptoms keep you from doing the things you love, here are some simple tips to follow all season long so you can keep doing the things you love to do.  Continue reading >

Sinus Congestion?

by A. Vogel USA, on 5 May 2017, Allergies

Keep breathing!

Is breathing through your nose a challenge?  If you find it difficult to breath quietly through your nose, not able to exercise without struggling for breath or feeling like you’re always clearing your throat – you are enduring the delights of a congested airway. Continue reading >

Hay Fever and Children: What to Know & How to Treat It

by A. Vogel USA, on 28 April 2017, Allergies

Is your child constantly rubbing their eyes? Sneezing, especially when outside? Is their nose runny or blocked? Have you noticed if any of these seem to be worse on sunny days? Then it could be hay fever!

For a child, hay fever symptoms can be both upsetting and unsettling, especially if they can’t explain how they feel (which is common in very young children), or if the symptoms are disrupting their sleep at night and concentration during the day. Continue reading >

Get a better night’s sleep despite symptoms of hay fever!

by A. Vogel USA, on 18 April 2017, Allergies
Hay fever and sleep

Is hay fever affecting your sleep?

For hay fever sufferers, the summer months are often plagued by pollen, with sunny days spent dreading heading outside or hiding indoors. So, once the sun goes down, surely suffers can finally get some peace, right?

Unfortunately for many, hay fever symptoms can actually worsen before bedtime and affect sufferers while they sleep. A recent poll of 2,080 hay fever sufferers, found that 64% had trouble sleeping due to their symptoms and an average of 72 minutes of sleep is lost each night when pollen levels are high. Continue reading >

Exercising with Hay Fever?

by A. Vogel USA, on 17 June 2016, Allergies
Exercising with Hay Fever

Don’t give up!

Feel worse after you’ve been to the gym? Do itchy eyes and sneezing affect your game? Hay fever and allergic reactions can wreak havoc on your workout schedule and have an affect on your ability to enjoy outdoor sports or activities. From disruptive breathing, nasal congestion, loss of concentration and energy, allergies can destroy a solid workout. Continue reading >

What is Hay Fever?

by A. Vogel USA, on 17 June 2016, Allergies

Hay fever is a common problem usually encountered in the spring and early summer. It is part of the group of health conditions known as allergic rhinitis – an allergic reaction to airborne substances, leading to inflammation in the lining of the nose, throat and eyes. Continue reading >

What is Allergy Rhinitis?

by A. Vogel USA, on 10 May 2016, Allergies

Your immune system can react to allergens.

Allergic rhinitis arises because your immune system reacts to an allergen, causing inflammation of the mucous lining of your respiratory system.

Hay fever is a type of allergic rhinitis, where the allergen appears in the form of pollen. Although the most effective treatment for allergic rhinitis is avoidance of the trigger, this is often not possible. However, home, herbal and conventional treatments have been developed and have shown to be helpful.  Continue reading >

All About Allergies

by A. Vogel USA, on 10 April 2016, Allergies
All About Allergies

A.Vogel, a Natural Solution for Allergies

Until about 100 years ago an allergy was something out of the ordinary. Today, allergic reactions to a number of substances, i.e., a variety of pollens, mold, dust and dust mites, animal dander, and the environment, have become commonplace and can cause any number of unpleasant reactions.  Continue reading >