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Sneeze-free Gardening Made Easy

by A. Vogel USA, on 17 May 2017, Allergies

Hay fever can take all the fun out of gardening.

If hay fever symptoms keep you from doing the things you love, here are some simple tips to follow all season long so you can keep doing the things you love to do. 


Helpful Tips for Gardeners Who Suffer from Hay Fever

The weeds need to be tackled, flower beds tended, and the grass needs to be cut. The summer months are the perfect time to spruce up your garden and enjoy the outdoors, but a garden in full bloom can be a nightmare and these simple tasks can become a struggle if you suffer from seasonal allergy. According to a poll taken by A.Vogel, seasonal allergy symptoms create a barrier between you and your garden.

Almost half of hay fever sufferers said it stood in the way of their passion for gardening, while four in ten said their garden became a “no go zone” during peak pollen season.

  • Grass pollen poses the biggest trigger for allergy sufferers.
  • Using a sprinkler before you head out to the garden will help diminish the amount of pollen in the area you are working in.
  • Keep yourself indoors while the lawn is being mowed.
  • There are hundreds of low allergy option for your garden including: Lavender, Iris, Rose, and Peony just to name a few. Remember, if the flower is insect-pollinated then it should be fine because the pollen tends to be heavy and falls to the ground.
  • Limit your gardening days to cool or cloudy days.
  • Shower immediately after gardening and wash your hair to remove trapped allergens. Change into fresh clothes afterwards.
  • Eat well. Opt for lots of fruit and veg, which are high in immune-boosting vitamin C.
  • Curb the caffeine and opt for anti-inflammatory green or white tea.
  • Spread olive or coconut oil around the edge of each nostril to trap or block pollen. Reapply each time you blow your nose.

Did you know?

When the sun comes out it’s inevitable that your ankles and feet do too! At this time of the year our legs, feet and toes are freer to bask in the summer sun in shorts, skirts and flip-flops. But with the sun comes heat, and with heat often comes sore feet. So stay cool by drinking plenty of water, wear loose-fitting clothing, and limit the amount of time you spend in the sun.

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