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Water is Simply Amazing!

by A. Vogel USA, on 20 November 2016, Health

Here’s Why…

Water, so remarkable, there’s no living without it. Fresh, flowing, and if you’re lucky, free– water, is everyone’s friend.Water can keep you alert, protect your heart, and give your brain a good boost. It can help you maintain weight and can even help you look wonderful, by keeping your skin in check.

For a quick rundown of how effective and important water is to your life, read on! 

Energy & Attitude

An essential aspect of being human is our drive to survive. Water is not only important to that quest, it’s essential. Water helps improve mood, concentration, energy levels, and attitude, and water keeps anxiety levels in check. If you’re feeling drained throughout the day, reach for some water to boost your energy levels.

Hydration is Key

Being dehydrated is no fun, and it’s really bad for your emotions, state of mind, and body. If you feel anxious and depleted, and if you’re tired and feeling fragile, water, a key element that carries oxygen to the brain and essential nutrients through out your body, can help change that.

Water also promotes healthy kidney and bladder function. Drinking adequate amounts of water can help dilute salt and minerals, which will keep you hydrated.

Besides drinking plenty of water, taking a dietary supplement can also help. A.Vogel Kidney Bladder Complex, a natural supplement, organically grown and cultivated by expert herbalists, promotes healthy kidney and bladder function and supports urinary tract health. 


You don’t want fine lines and wrinkles…do you?

Skin needs moisture; it’s that simple. To keep your skin supple, healthy and glowing, and to repair and keep it healthy, you need to keep it hydrated. When you lack water your skin can break out, which can reduce your skin’s moisture retention resulting in wrinkles. If you’re not properly hydrated, your skin will look tired and dull, and fine lines and wrinkles will begin to appear.  So drink water. You’ll look better.

Your Kidneys Need Water

It’s that simple. If you suffer from lower back pain, it could mean you are dehydrated, and if you drink alcohol, fizzy water, or soda just before going to bed, you might just wake up with a backache. If you do, that ache is a signal that your kidneys need water. So, avoid drinking fluids that contain caffeine at night– they rob your body of moisture and leave you dehydrated.

Let It Flow

Drinking more water will help keep your bowels healthy and functioning.Water is necessary for your digestive tract to eliminate, regularly. Don’t drink with meals, it is important to remember to wait 30 minutes after eating before having water. When you are dehydrated your body absorbs water from any source it can, including the bowel. This can cause your stool to dry out, resulting in constipation. 

Facts About Water Everyone Should Know

  • 64% of our skin is composed of water.
  • 21 days without food– that’s how long the average person can survive without eating. Without water, you’ve got 3 days.
  • 31% of our bones are water.
  • 79% of our muscles and kidneys are composed of water.
  • 2,641 gallons of water are used in dying 1 pair of jeans.

3 Reasons to Drink More Water

1. Water can help your headache

Dehydration is is a huge culprit in causing headaches. Staying hydrated will help prevent a headache and drinking a glass of water every half hour will help relieve your headache.

2. Water Keeps You Hydrated

Water is essential to staying hydrated. Soda, coffee, tea, fizzy water and alcohol can dehydrate and deplete you because your body breaks them down in different ways. So, what can you do? Drink more water!

3. Water Supports Your Every Move

If you exercise, sweat excessively or are experiencing symptoms from menopause, drink more water. Start with 8 glasses a day and work your way up…9, 10, 11…

Celebrate World Water Day on March 22!

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