Ingredients & Benefits

Ingredients & Benefits

Each ingredient in our herbed sea salts has been hand-selected by Alfred with the ingredients taste, benefits, and your health in mind. He believed that only fresh plants & herbs possess the full energy of nature and used nothing but the freshest ingredients in his recipe. 60 years later we're still upholding his legacy and motto that "fresh is best" and so we continue to combine fresh, organic herbs & veggies with pure, natural sea salt within hours after their harvest.


Sea Salt

The salt found in A.Vogel Herbed & Spicy Sea Salt is a pure, fine-natural sea salt harvested from the Camargue region, located in the South of France. There, the seawater is channeled through a network of canals and pools under the open sky and bright sun. Using only natural evaporation, the salt is dried and more concentrated than traditional mechanically dried sea salt. Free of additives and preservatives our salt is abundant with Kelp, a naturally derived source of Iodine.

Why Sea Salt?

Sea Salt is a natural source of sodium. It is produced by crystallization via evaporation. Seawater is channeled through a series of waterways and end up in shallow pools or marshes. The sun and wind evaporate the seawater, leaving behind the crystals which are then harvested for cooking and many other uses. Sea Salt requires very little processing which means it contains trace minerals, unlike its counterpart mined salt, which is stripped of minerals during processing.

Benefits of Salt

  • Sea Salt contains trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.
  • Due to the larger size of the crystals, sea salt contains less sodium by volume.
  • Sea Salt contains naturally occurring iodine, which is needed to support healthy thyroid function.
  • All salt helps to maintain adequate hydration and blood pressure levels.
  • Salt aids in digestion with the production of stomach acid.

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