The Making of A.Vogel Herbed Sea Salt

A.Vogel Herbed Sea Salt (Herbamare)® begins with the finest sea salt from the Camargue region in France. The picturesque rose-colored salt marshes have been the source of salt for well over 14 centuries.

As salt evaporates along the marshes it results in a very concentrated flake that has a higher mineral but lower sodium content.

Once collected and sifted it is shipped north to Colmar, also in France, where it is blended with herbs and vegetables according to our original recipe. Our distinct flavor comes from the use of 12 fresh, organic herbs, and vegetables including watercress, onion, lovage and thyme to name a few. These raw ingredients are brought in from the fields, washed, finely chopped and mixed with the sea salt.

Freshness is key and so all of our herbs and vegetables are used within 12 hours of harvesting to ensure optimal quality. Fresh is better than dried and you can certainly taste the difference in our Herbed Sea Salt!

All of our farmers are within a short distance from our facility in Colmar to ensure that they arrive as fresh as possible. But it's not only the use of these fresh and organic ingredients that give our A.Vogel Herbed Sea Salt its distinct flavor, it's the blending of the salt, herbs, and vegetables.

The mixture is allowed to steep for 12 – 18 months which allows the flavor and aroma to fully develop with the sea salt. After this infusion process, the mixture is slowly dried under a heatless vacuum, finely chopped, and mixed one last time. This process brings out the flavor of the herbs and vegetables, yielding a fresh and superior taste.

A.Vogel Herbed Sea Salt

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Herbed Sea Salt is tastier than table salt! Use it as a condiment to spice up your recipes or to …
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